In celebration of the 80th birthday of Fujinaga Yasuyuki Sensei and to honor his memory we are hosting a memorial seminar.

Gym of Barnim-Gymnasium
Ahrensfelder Chaussee 41
13057 Berlin

Schedule and Costs:
Group A (9th – 4th Kyu):
Fee for weekend Seminar: 30 €, discounted 20 € (for people under 18)
Single Day (purchase on site only): 20 €, discounted 15 €

Saturday 15.06.2024: 11.00 – 12.30
Sunday 16.06.2024: 11.00 – 12.30

Group B (3th Kyu and above):
Fee for weekend seminar: 70 €, discounted 60 € (fro people under 18)
Single Day (purchase on site only): 35 €, discounted 30 €

Friday 14.06.2024: 19.00 – 20.30
Saturday 15.06.2024: 13.00 – 16.15 (including a 15 minute break)
Sunday 16.06.2024: 13.00 – 15.15 (including a 15 minute break)
There will be an option for a training session with a strong focus on tournament kumite on Thursday 13.06.2024. Only preregistered (form below) participants can apply. Place, time and other details will be shared via e-mail.

During the Saturday break at 12.45 there will be a foto shooting. Please be on time and already changed into your dogi.

Saturday 15.06. starting 7 pm in restaurant „Je Länger je Lieber
Price: 35€
The price includes a Mediterranean buffet and 2 drinks.

Number of participants for seminar and party is limited. Preregistration is strongly recommended.
While individual registering is possible, we would like to ask you to register all participants from your dojo at once using the form below.

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Please insert the name of your dojo/club
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Your E-Mail
We will send you a registration confirmation and payment details via e-mail.
Preis: 70,00 €
Number of adult participants (18+) with brown or black belt.
Preis: 30,00 €
Number of adult participants (18+) up to 4th Kyu (blue/purple belt or below)
Preis: 60,00 €
Number of underage participants (under 18) with brown or black belt
Preis: 20,00 €
Number of underage participants (under 18) up to 4th Kyu (blue/purple belt or below)
Preis: 35,00 €
For easy checkin please provide name, kyu/dan rank and whether you want to come to the party for all participants including the person filling out this form.

General Information

  • The gym is only to be stepped in barefoot
  • Video and audio recordings of the seminar sessions are prohibited!
  • Chats and talking during the sessions are unwelcome
  • When Sensei is explaining in details assume a dignified posture
    • While sitting: Seiza or cross legged (neither arms nor legs are stretched out or leaned on)
    • While standing: Heisoku Dachi, arms not crossed

The organizer declines any liability to the extent permitted by law.